Thursday, May 27, 2010

Girl and the Goat

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As promised a few posts ago, I wanted to start writing about all the local foodie buzz and greatness we have going on here in Chi-town.

It seems perfect timing to join in the excitement surrounding Stephanie Izard's about-to-be-opened restaurant, Girl and the Goat, a small plates- and charcuterie-focused restaurant. Stephanie was the winner of the 4th season on Top Chef on Bravo. She was also chef/owner of Scylla restaurant in Chicago which went out of business in 2007. Girl and the Goat is a huge project and a long time in the making.

I really love the way she has embraced Twitter- if you follow her you can see what she is up to with the restaurant's progress. The best part of all this for me is that it's all happening in my neighborhood- and I absolutely adore the West Loop! A new park and a cool new restaurant? I think I'm staying here for a while!

According to Stephanie's blog, ...."grilled lamb stuffed calamari will make it back from the scylla days as an old favorite, whitefish crisped asparagus from my demo at the NRA show yesterday will be a newbie, and ‘ham frites’ (smoked potato fries rolled in ham salt) will be my addiction. and of course, lots of tasty goat from our friends at kilgus farm... smoked goat flatbread, goat sausage stuffed shrimp, and little goat porterhouses, as specials once a week… amazingly tender and delicious for goat. and little t-bones are just too darn cute."

Don't know about anyone else, but this sounds amazing and I am just counting the days until she opens the doors! Save me a seat at the bar, Stephanie!


  1. wait, so you haven't eaten there? uhm, I got excited for a second.

  2. Oooooo! We are going here on my next visit!

  3. Nope! Not open yet! but soon!!