Sunday, May 19, 2013

Tribute to Dad

I recently lost my father and had no idea how profound this loss would really turn out to be. It's really puts that expression "nothing lasts forever" into perspective. Although this was sad and stung like a million bees, he taught me that even in dying there is hope, light and beauty. He took bravery to heights higher than I have ever seen in anyone- even him. His process of dying brought connection within the family and the community that was magical to watch. But most importantly he reminded us all about the true meaning of love.

There is definitely more to this world than the everyday routine we get up and do each day. I look at everything in a different light now. I realize that the things I once thought were huge problems are but small challenges and that focusing on building relationships is far more important. I have been circling around and above my dreams for far too long, and it's time to return to bringing them to life. Thank you Dad for all you have given to me and the world-your photographs will live on and I thank you for reminding me how important being happy in this life really is.  XOXO

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