Monday, May 17, 2010

Junk Food Cleverly Disguised

This just in from Tasting Table: Junk food wrapped in chocolate! Talk about creative mix-ins! I am of the school that practically anything tastes good robed in chocolate!

So take your favorite junk foods like tortilla chips, ramen noodles (think Krackel Bar) and for a breakfast bar, french toast, and you will see that not all chocolate needs to be fussy!

The bars are made in small batches in Seattle Washington, (made in USA is a good thing!) by a company called Komforte Chockolates and is sold locally there but will also be available on Amazon soon for the rest of us. Hey, my sister lives out there...I think I will get her to send me some, if not all of these to try. Sounds perfect for the midnight carb craving!


  1. Whoa mamma... this is perfection.

  2. Right? I am almost glad they are new and not as readily available! I went on Amazon and they are not selling there yet! Could be a habit! Esp the Ramen one!