Saturday, May 1, 2010

So many places, so little time!

photo of cheese at Blue Apron Foods from

From the old-fashioned butcher to the artisan cheese and chocolate purveyors, to the pickle makers and meat-smokers.....the list goes on and on but the fact is that there is a new food movement that is well under way in my hometown of Brooklyn NY. In fact, check out this article that was in the New York Times last year. The photo of these folks says it all. They look like they are back in another century with the beards and all. But the bottom line is that these people are like a community within themselves! They all know each other and work together-and that my friends is a beautiful thing! They all are either making their own or make a point to carry Brooklyn made products.

Blue Apron Foods on Union St between 7th and 8th Avenue is a perfect example of a fine foods retailer who stocks many of the items that are mentioned in the article and go the extra mile to educate their customers on the products as well. I never miss a trip over to Blue Apron when I am in town- if not to buy the products as much as to say hi to my friends Ted and Alan who run the place. These guys are not only friendly but possess a wealth of knowledge on all my favorite foods like cheese, olives, coffee, chocolate and charcuterie. The tiny space gets packed on the weekends, but it is lively and lovingly stocked with all the best foods from all over the US and beyond and worth it in every way! I miss it dearly and keep asking them to come open one just like it here in Chicago!

Brooklyn you are my inspiration always and I want to spread your coolness here!

My goal this summer is to scout around my new hometown more and report back here to you my readers, on all the great places that are here under my nose! I know the movement has started here as well-I love my motherland, but I am here now, and so I will dedicate my posts to all cool things Chicago and really sink my heels in! The time has come to "shift" my food focus to my new town....


  1. I'm with you! I love Brooklyn too and there is indeed a food movement a foot, but Chicago is pretty amazing too. All the places you took me to in March were pretty amazing, from that mega cool Whole Foods with the wine bar to the Publican and of course, Nia's! Love it all!!!!

  2. Thanks Mare! I will be finding more so next time you come out, get ready to eat drink and shop!!