Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Frozen Treats

With the wide variety of molds out there,there's no reason not to make your own frozen popsicles this summer.

One company I can highly recommend, (we sold a ton of these at my store) is Sip-a-Pop by Arrow Plastics. Perfect for the real little ones who can't finish them before they catches the drips and they can "sip" the rest!

But of course there are some more high-end versions of these molds.....Williams-Sonoma has one top of the line popsicle maker by Zoku, that claims to make pops in 7 minutes. Is it worth the 50 bucks? Not sure, but they sure look good!

Tovolo, another company I used sell, has some very cool shaped pop molds that they call Shooting Star, Rocket, & Groovy Pop and are sold at a much more reasonable price of around $10.00.

Tovolo's groovy pop

And check this out: Prairie Fire Restaurant, here in Chicago, is now serving a Lemon-Vodka Booze-sicle starting today and promise to add more flavors throughout the summer like cherries, blueberries and peaches.

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Pretty cool.

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  1. Summer is here and this is a simple way to be refreshed! Love the molds!
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