Sunday, November 29, 2009

State and Lake

Suffice to say, I don't think it's such a great idea after all, to go to a new place and judge them on a Turkey Dinner.....The restaurant itself is very, very charming and warm. I loved the rustic yet urban atmosphere, the plush leather bar stools, the really beautiful cocktail glasses our martinis came in. But when the "pre-fixe" turkey dinner arrived, it was a bit of a disappointment! I think there must have been a special on butternut squash...I do love it but didn't see the need for Roasted Butternut Squash Soup and Roasted Butternut Squash as a side as well!

I asked our server if I could subsitute just a green salad for the soup. Turns out that was the right way to go as the butternut squash side was the tastiest thing on the plate! The turkey, sadly, was not even close to Mom's. They rolled and stuffed the breast with sausage, but even so, it was very dry. The leg was better, very tender, although a bit bland on flavor. There were collard greens which were, a bit lifeless.....the other bummer was that Metromix had listed the price of the special dinner as $25 per person, but not the case when the bill arrived. They decided to change it to $28...too bad they never told Metromix to change it on their listing!

I hate to admit that the real highlight was the wine we had with the dinner! It was a 2006 ANDREW RICH, TABULA RASA, SYRAH-GRENACHE- MOURVEDRE, from COLUMBIA VALLEY and it was very delicious!

All in all, I will go back and order off the regular menu and I am so very sure it will be a whole new experience. I was just having a hankering for turkey. Can you blame me??

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  1. sorry to hear it was a disappoint! I actually came back to your blog to find out how it went. our thanksgiving got cancelled, our host caught the flu. So I ended up cobbling together stuff peppers! Not quite the thanksgiving feast I had in mind!