Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Plummy Goodness

I know that my female counterparts will perk up when I mention the words "beauty products"....After all, isn't it in our genes to be magnetically attracted to anything that will give us the promise of softer skin, fewer wrinkles, eternal youth and the radiant glow of the healthy girl next door?? The amount of money we spend on products that make promises (that I really am skeptical they actually can keep), is staggering! There are lotions and creams with price tags that well exceed $200.00 an ounce. But, we are not all fortunate enough to have the paychecks of Gates or Buffett or for that matter, Martha!

I have found my extravagance and it's not going to break the bank by a long shot, and to add to it's appeal, the company is big into environmentally- conscious products. Korres is a company I discovered a few years back, quite by accident. A good friend of mine with a major penchant for all things cool in the beauty products world, turned me on to this shower gel. My favorite now is the Vanilla Plum which is rich and sweet, and leaves not only me smelling great but my bathroom turns into a day at the spa just by popping the cap! Ahh, the simple things in life! The packaging is so great too.....simple, clean and great graphics.

So, what does this post have to do with food you might be thinking?? Clearly I have gone off my path. But once you try this luxuriously sensual shower gel from Korres, you will hopefully agree with me, that the fine line between the senses is more than just about food, but equally about they way a scent can take you to a happy place as much as a meal can. Try the Lemon Basil too. Vanilla, plum, basil and lemon.....hmmm all derived from nature. So nurture your nature and get back to me......

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