Monday, November 9, 2009

Dinner for One: Pork Chops

pork chops with apples and sage

I really don't eat a lot of pork...but the truth is, I really like it! Don't get me started on bacon! Everything tastes better with bacon. But in this age of watching fat and calories, I feel a little guilty when I do enjoy this supposed indulgence! In French, it's called Cochon, which sounds way better than "pig" or "pork"......

Did you know that when you google "pork" there are over 32 million results?? I am not surprised! And a lot of that is for recipes.

I got some great looking boneless pork chops the other day and was in the market for making them with fall's no accident that I went to one of my favorite chefs for a recipe. That adorable Brit, Jamie Oliver. I have been a big fan and follower of Jamie since first seeing him on the Food Network over 8 years ago.

He has a casual approach to cooking that I can really relate to. He has authored many cookbooks since and has been on and off the airwaves with different cooking shows. I really admire what he is doing with food in the U.K., especially his passion for educating young people on food and food preparation and the importance of having a relationship with where your food comes from. Where was he when I was a kid? Boy have we come a long way in the educating of people and food! I just found out that Martha Stewart is a big fan as well and has him on her show a lot....Darn that Martha, she is always copying my faves! Well, I saw him first Martha so don't you forget it!

Photo from Jamie Oliver's website

In his recipe, Jamie uses bone-in pork chops~I used boneless so either way, it's still amazingly tender and juicy! Find the recipe here. You can serve this with steamed spinach, or roasted potatoes or both!

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