Friday, November 13, 2009

Design Within Reach

Here are some pics of my recent trip to the DWR store in downtown Chicago. It is located at 1o E Ohio St (at State St) and is housed in one of Chicago's landmark buildings, designed by Hill and Woltersdorf in 1912. It was originally used as artists' residences, and was called the "Tree Studio". I can see why artists would be inspired here! The building has such great light and energy and would offer up such inspiration for creativity in my opinion! To think it was going to be demolished at one point! Thank goodness the city came to it's senses......

Anyway, walking through is almost like touring a museum...the floor plan is set up to have you walk through a maze of rooms, all the while feeling like you are in someone's home. And the modern decor and furnishings that DWR sells fit so perfectly in this backdrop! I wanted to buy everything! (of course that's not the case, unfortunately!) So when you find yourself in Chicago, be sure to check out this gem.

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