Friday, August 28, 2009

Bicycle Dreams

You might be wondering why am I writing about bicycles? You thought this was a blog about food, no? Well, I have had an itch to get a bicycle ever since I moved to downtown Chicago. This is a very bicycle-friendly city and just about everyone who lives here seems to have one but me! So in my research for the ultimate in commuter style bicycles, I thought I would share some of my favorite finds. Most of the photos are from the website and some from individual bicycle companies. My favorite so far is the Pashley made in Great Britain. A majority of the photos are from places in Denmark, Amsterdam and England. The Europeans really have it right as far as being green and into cycling anywhere, everywhere and no matter what the weather holds!

This is my dream bike right here...the Pashley Sonnet Pure. So me! sweet is this one!

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  1. The one bad thing is: none of these people are wearing helmets, but I do love all of these bikes. I've been thinking of getting a bicycle myself. . .