Sunday, December 6, 2009

Meet the new little man in my life!

I recently adopted this adorable little "Morkie"....well, Lolly, his big sister (my 5 year old Maltipoo), has been yearning for a built-in playmate for some time now. So when this opportunity presented "himself" as in need of a good home, I couldn't say no!! At first I was a little panicked at the thought of caring for 2 dogs and a puppy to boot! The potty training, the chewing, the added expense of the vet bills! OY VEY!

But....the minute I saw the two of them together playing so happily, saw the way he followed her around like he's madly in love (is that where "puppy love" came from??? that worshipful affection!!), I knew that all those worries were too small....this little guy, only 4 lbs, has captured both my heart and Lolly's too! He is a smart one too. Don't be fooled by his tiny stature....and Lolly is teaching him all she knows about how to get treats and where they are hidden. Hmmm...

His name is Jackson. He is 5 months old. We love him. My little family!

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  1. There should be a law against showing such cuteness in space. A 'Morkie'????????!!!!!!!!! This is like cute Agent Orange! GAH!!! I LOVE him!!!!!