Tuesday, December 8, 2009

It's all in the eyes.....

Meet Blythe. I am not quite sure how I stumbled upon these fascinating dolls, but ever since I did, they have totally intrigued me. Apparently the story goes that she was born and died the same year: 1972.

The toy company Kenner, now known as Hasbro, decided that the over-sized head and peepers were too scary for kids! The crazy part was that there was a string in the back of her head that once pulled, would change her eye color to four different shades! I mean what little girl (or grown up girl) hasn't wondered what life would be like with blue eyes instead of brown??

OK, admittedly in '72 I was too old for dolls, and was never really a doll girl ( I did have a brief stint with Barbie, but once my sister threw one of my barbies out of our car window while traveling down the NY Thruway at 65 miles an hour, I lost interest...). But never mind. Old story.

Back to this doll. Apparently there has been a resurgence of interest in the "Blythe Doll" and a company in Japan, Takara, started making them again (there have been over a 130 releases of Takara Blythe from 2001-2009). Ebay has got a few vintage models going for $1400.00 and up. It's become not only a collector's item, but in the doll world, there are plenty that are being scooped up and getting custom "makeovers". In fact, there are many crafters on Etsy that are making incredible little handmade wardrobes for the Blythes out there. Just check out the little numbers they are sporting in these pics!

I must admit, those eyes and the big head make her more of a work of art than just a conventional doll...I think she's way cool.....skinny body, cool clothes, big eyes...I mean c'mon! How old is too old to start liking dolls???


  1. I just stumbled upon your blog and I must admit I am fascinated!! The dolls are really cool. Although, I think I would have found them creepy as a little girl. But they are definately cool.

  2. Okay... you got 2 stumbles in a row. I also agree about the coolness of the dolls. They look like a more sedate Bratz.

  3. Those are stunning dolls! I love them. I think the dolls are for grown-ups. They marketed these dolls to the wrong age group. I think they need to try it again.

  4. I agree!! They were way ahead of their time...but thankfully, they have been given a second chance!!

  5. I just saw a Saturday Night Live skit where someone had eyes like these dolls. It was hysterical. Maybe they are catching on again afterall!