Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Baker's Workhorse: The Stand Mixer

For years I coveted one of these...but the purist in me kept winning out (that and uh, the price tag!) But a couple of years ago, I took the plunge and got myself this time-and-life-saving machine.

This weekend, I was able to prep and bake at least three times the amount of holiday goodies as I would have with just my trusty whisk and wooden spoon method. I love that you can walk away while it happily churns your ingredients together! And clean up is a cinch with just the bowl and paddle to contend with. ( I put the bowl in the dishwasher so even better)

The price for stand mixers can be anywhere from $199.99 all the way up to and over $1000.00- I chose the KitchenAid for it's reputation, reliability and the fact that there are so many colors to fit any decor. I had used one before and felt that it was easy to use and with ten speeds, had the right amount of power.

Cuisinart came out with a stand mixer a few years ago- and it has gotten some great reviews from Cooks Illustrated for it's excellent ability to plow through heavy bread and pizza doughs. And now I am seeing that Breville also has joined the mixer category with their version-a powerful 550 watt motor and a "load sensor" that will keep the machine moving at precision speed when it detects a heavier load. Wow- technology is amazing.

So if you love to bake, then maybe it's time to put one of these on your wish list and hey, maybe Santa will be good to you this year!

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  1. I used a 1948 Hamilton Beach stand mixer for years. Until I caught my hand the the beaters. Ouch. My husband replaced it with a Bosch. Love it! It is so good for big batches of breads and more. He recently picked up a Kitchen Aid for me off Craig's List for cheap. The right tools for the job make such a difference. I still miss the Hamilton Beach though...