Monday, August 30, 2010

Summer in the City

I have to admit I have been a bit lazy about posting anything the past couple of's not that there is nothing going on mind you, but I think I have the "summer fever"- you know when you just get that lazy just want to sit back and drink lemonade and hang out in the hammock and contemplate life....( I wish I was doing that!)

Anyway, I managed to get my lazy butt (with the motivational prodding of a friend's visit), to the Chicago Botanic Garden. A fairly short ride from downtown, the garden is located in Glencoe right off of Lake Cook Road. How very sad that it took me two years of living here to actually set foot in this magical place! If you have not been, I highly urge you to go- it's the place that will take all your troubles away as you commune with the beauty around are a few of the pictures where I captured the magic...see what you think.....


  1. Nice pictures. I've been meaning to ride my bike up to the Botanical Gardens all summer. Suddenly fall is here and I still haven't made the trip!

  2. What a gorgeous place to ride as well! I am putting it on my list as well.....