Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Hip Hipstamatic

I love this iPhone app I just discovered called Hipstamatic- it's takes the digital photo and gives it an analog feel- it's based on the actual plastic cameras that were manufactured back in 1982 but sadly, only 200 were released and then they went away.

Known for it's ability to swap lenses and take multiple film formats, this plastic camera seemed like it was well on it's way to being something big. In any case, it's been resurrected as an iPhone app and I gotta say it's really fun to play with! I really don't remember this back in '82 but from the look of it I know I would have liked to be one of those lucky kids living in Wisconsin which turns out was the only place it was available!

Here is a sample from the many images uploaded to google images- something about those red shoes.....

Here are some of my shots. And of course, my own models were happy to pose! Such little hams!

And finally, below, my "artsy" ceiling fan.


  1. Very cool. If only I had an iphone!

  2. Rumor has it that Verizon is going to have it in January!

  3. Yes, is super cool! actually to get it you don't need an Iphone :-)