Monday, February 15, 2010

I Know How to Cook


I think perhaps this is one of the most delightfully illustrated cookbooks I have seen in a very very long time!

Written by Ginette Mathiot (1907–1998), and published by Phaidon, this wonderful book of over 1400 recipes, illustrates how easy and accessible classic French dishes can be. Perfect timing since French Bistro fare has become so popular. I Know How to Cook is the first English translation of France's cookery bible, Je sais cuisiner by Ginette Mathiot. Originally published in 1932, this book is to France what The Silver Spoon and 1080 Recipes are to Italy and Spain: the indispensable cookbook for every household. This new edition takes the modern kitchen of today into account and seeks to brings forth the natural French home cook in all who venture through it's gorgeous pages!

I just ordered a copy and plan on trying out some of the recipes as soon as possible! I will post those here on the blog to let you know how they come out!


  1. I am so.... interested in your postings about this cook book.

  2. Moogie- have you seen the other books? I have the Silver Spoon- it's really another great book- like the Joy of Cooking for Italy!