Monday, October 12, 2009

Dinner for One: The easy way

View coming down the escalators at Whole Foods, Lincoln Park

Okay...I admit it! Yes, sometimes I cheat a little. I mean, doesn't everyone? My easiest dinner and by far one of the best bargains as well, is the rotisserie chicken at Whole Foods Market. They relocated this past May, to a huge, and boy is it huge, location here in Lincoln Park. There are actual escalators that take you into the store via the 400 space parking garage.

Anyway, back to to the chicken! I have been getting their chickens for some time now so I feel confident to say, that they are consistently good and very versatile. Oh and did I mention that on Thursdays their normally low-priced $7.99 for the whole chicken, goes for an amazing $5.99??? I actually can get 2-3 meals out of a 2-3 pound size. You really can't make it yourself for this price! So with a veggie side dish, and sometimes some roasted potatoes or basmati rice, this makes for an easy meal. I have also taken the breast meat and made chicken salads, as well as wraps and even soup! What can I say? Sometimes it's worth cheating........

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