Monday, October 10, 2011

Aromapot Love

I stumbled upon these gorgeously simple pots on a web-surfing expedition over the weekend and instantly fell in love!

When form and function come together it's a happy marriage- and these aromapots designed by Dottings in Austria for a company named Riess are both.

These babies are made of enameled steel- basically iron and silicate glass are fused together at a very high temperature creating a non-porous surface. They are even ready for induction cooktops.
The shape of the Aromapots makes them stackable, therefore saving space. The lids, when inverted, can serve as a bowl, plate or even a trivet for table side service! What a work horse design! But be careful though- if you drop them, their lovely enamel can crack.

 Now all I need to do is find them for sale in the States! I have been searching but to no avail! Perhaps some smart kitchen retailer will bring these in and share them with the rest of us??

dishwasher safe too! bonus!

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