Saturday, September 10, 2011

Summer's Bounty

Sometimes I think I am nuts because I get such joy in going to the Farmer's Market and ogling over how perfect all the vegetables look in their baskets and bins. All the work the local farmers do to bring it to use each week- yes it costs more but this is a labor of love. To me, if it was my last dollar, I would give it for the taste of an apple, peach or a juicy ripe tomato straight from a local farm anyday!

When I look at this bounty I don't just see picture perfect produce- I see a ratatouille with zukes, eggplant, tomatoes and fresh herbs- I see a juicy sweet plum, peach and raspberry crisp. I see a Swiss Chard and potato tart......I see my body saying thank you for feeding me all this healthy food. I see people gathered round the table sharing stories, sharing this great food- staying healthy. There is nothing better than that and that's why I hope you will try to get out and support you local Farmers Markets. It's a great community of people and they are all bound by one single thread- to bring you fresh, delicious produce straight from the farm to your table. Don't be afraid to try something you never have before- there are a million recipes out there for you to try. Enjoy!

 teeny tomatoes about to go in a salad

colorful plums at Seedlings farm stand at Green City Market

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