Tuesday, April 19, 2011

More Coffee Please!

La Columbe on Church Street, New York City photo via LaColumbe.com

I read today that our little West Loop neighborhood is growing once again with a new addition- La Columbe Coffee is coming! I did hear someone say a while ago that we were getting a "cafe" on Randolph and Morgan, but they didn't mention the magic word: Coffee. I quickly did my research as I had not heard of these guys- turns out they are from the east coast with locations scattered between NYC and Philadelphia. I was hoping that at least one of my Chicago favorites (Metropolis and/or Intelligentsia) would have come down here and given Starbucks a run for it's money but it looks like La Columbe beat them to it!

La Columbe's 1950s Citroen H-Van (photos via LaColumbe.com)

Not only will they have a cafe, but they will roast the coffee here as well- holy cow! Between Bays baking english muffins and Blommer Chocolate Co. making chocolate, the West Loop is the best smelling neighborhood in Chicago! On a good day, we may get to smell all three- beats the car exhaust off of Interstate 90 anyday! Look at their cute van- wonder if they will do house calls? Need. Coffee. Now.

La Columbe is all about earth-conscious coffees (organically-grown and fair-trade) as well as adhering to their 5 principles of ethical trade. Along with the coffee, they will serve local pastries and according to Eater Chicago, are in the process of getting all that sorted out. Hey- maybe they'll carry doughnuts from the Donut Vault! Now that would be awesome- since they are selling out everyday and I have yet to get over there in time to try one!

photo via the doughnut vault

Yes, Randolph Street is truly the new food happening spot in the city these days. Girl and the Goat has made a huge splash and is enjoying a packed house nightly, Maude's Liquor Bar opened in late December and is thriving and also one of my faves! Grant Achatz's Next just opened, along with his other project Aviary a new bar, and I heard that Stephanie Izard (Girl and the Goat) is planning a diner somewhere in the hood as well. There is a rumor circling about that Old Town Social is creating a sibling of their own: a chic bohemian-vibed spot in the space that Marche inhabited for so many years-coming this fall. Suddenly, so many choices! Somebody upstairs must really, really love me! I now know that I moved to the right place.....Brooklyn I love ya, but you got some competition now!

Next food for thought: we need retail in the West Loop! Lots of nightlife so far but what about daytime action? Maybe this is where I should step in?


  1. Yes, indeed, you need to step in and improve the day time shopping action in the West Loop. You live in a great neighborhood, now provide the products that you and your neighbors have to leave the area to buy. Go for it! What do you think the essentials are? Housewares, perhaps!? With all those lovely condos, people must have to outfit their kitchens - although if restaurants keep opening up, nobody will use them!

  2. good point MB! however, mostly fancy restaurants are opening- would love to see a cafe or low key good quality wine bar!!
    There's are several restaurant supply stores here that cater to serious cooks- nothing for the home!