Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Bubbles Anyone?

This holiday I received this amazing gadget- at first I wasn't quite sure what to make of it-I thought geez another thing to clutter up my already over-loaded counter...don't get me wrong though, I am a total gadget geek!

I have seen the SodaStream in action- mostly at my Dad's where he must make at least three bottles of seltzer a day and thinks that this is the greatest thing since he acquired his other coveted kitchen savior: the panini maker. He and my nephew have the panini fever and I have to say the two of them are making some incredible creations.

Long story short: I am digging the SodaStream and for good reason! The savings over purchasing bottle sparkling water is the first thing- you get about 60 litres from one C02 cartridge, which works out to be about 25 cents a litre as opposed to anywhere from 99 cents to a buck and a half at the grocery store. And it's environmentally friendly- you re-use the special bottles so no more filling up the earth with used plastics. Oh and I should mention, no more lugging cases of sparkling water from the car! I use my Brita so I am getting filtered sparkling water and that is truly better tasting than the tap.

You can flavor your water if you choose (I don't- it's the purist in me) to give a more soda taste to it-hey....I wonder if those bacon tablets would work in this? Just kidding. Don't get me started on the bacon thing- that I will leave to another post!


  1. I've been thinking about one of these for awhile not....Hmmmm. This combined with some of the root beer Italian soda flavoring, might be a winner for me!

  2. oh my god, I also discovered it last summer on holiday in Sweden. I've got addicted right more carrying heavy bottles home from the supermarket!

    go bubbles!


  3. I love, love, love my new SodaStream - thanks dad!

    We use it every day. It comes with two bottles, so we keep one in the fridge for those of us who like cold water and one on the counter for the luke warm water lovers in the house. You can buy extra bottles and SodaStream sells all kinds of soda mixes. I, like my sister, am a water purist, so no soda mixes for us.

    It is also a great conversation piece. Although it is cluttering up my kitchen counter, everyone notices it right away and I go to work on the "sell".


  4. Go bubbles is right! thanks for the comments guys! Hope everyone gets a chance to try this fun and useful gadget :)

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